Home Monitoring Program

With the Honeywell HomMed® Health Monitoring System, our nurses can manage your health seven days a week. Every morning, you’ll be guided through the simple process of collecting your vital signs. And each day, a clinician at our office will review your health status information, intervening when needed.

Now you can get the comfort and sense of security from knowing your health is being monitored daily. It takes minutes to use, minutes that can make the difference between having your health and independence and being in a hospital or a nursing home.

How Does the Health Monitoring System Work?

The monitor is extremely easy to use. One of our nurses will bring the monitor to the home, set it up and demonstrate how easy it is to use. The monitor is about the size of a clock radio and can easily fit on a bedside table. At a preset time the monitor guides the user through the process of collecting their vital signs. It takes less than 3 minutes.

The monitor measures weight, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels. Additional medical peripheral devices can be added to help monitor specific health conditions.

What Happens After I Send My Health Data?

Once collected, health status information is automatically and securely sent to our office. A nurse reviews the health information daily and calls if any of the data falls outside of parameters your doctor sets. We’ll also call if we don’t receive the data. And we’ll contact the appropriate physician if further intervention might be required.

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